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S.No. Question
1 You will be applying for what type of driverís license?
Basic Class C
Class M
Commercial Class C
2 In order to operate a motorized scooter you must have a valid:
Class M license
Class B license
Basic Class C license
3 If your license or permit expires:
You may drive if you are with someone who still has a valid California license
You may not drive with anyone at any time
You may only drive with a certified driving instructor
4 How long may you drive with an out of state learnerís permit when you visit California?
10 days
6 months
Until you pass your driverís license test
5 How many times may you take the permit test after paying the initial fee of $32.00?
5 times
As many times as you need
3 times
6 The ďImplied Consent LawĒ means that:
You must give consent for medical treatment if you are involved in an accident
You give your consent to the DMV to check your driving record
You must consent to a chemical test to determine the alcohol or drug content of your blood, breath, or urine whenever you drive in California
7 With a Basic Class C license, you may drive the following vehicles:
A two axle vehicle weighing 30,000 lbs. or less
A three axle vehicle weighing 26,000 lbs. or less
A two axle vehicle weighing 26,000 lbs. or less
8 When will you be required to take the driving test after youíve received your license?
Every four years
Each time your license is renewed
Any time the DMV deems necessary
9 When you apply for an original California driverís license, you must provide:
A valid California ID card issued by the DMV
Medical records from a licensed physician
An acceptable birth date and proof of legal presence:
10 What is an example of proof of legal presence?
A check cashing card from any local grocery store
A U. S. birth certificate with your true full name
A valid school ID
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