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  1.1   The California Driver License
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Providing Identification

The reliability, integrity, and confidentiality of the California driver license (DL) and identification card (ID) is a major concern to all levels of government and society in this nation as a whole.  That is why it is of vital importance that these documents be completely accurate and authenticate.  California law requires that all customers who apply for an original California DL/ID card must provide proof of being legally present in the as described by federal law. 

A driver’s license shows that you have been given permission by the state to drive on public roadways.  You may apply for this license at almost any DMV office.  If you have met all the conditions and have no outstanding actions on your record you will receive a license after you’ve passed the permit test, paid the fee, shown that your physical and mental health condition is satisfactory and demonstrate your ability to drive a motor vehicle safely.  Medical conditions may require a doctor’s statement. 

Duplicate Licenses

To replace a lost or damaged driver license, you must go to a DMV office and pay the $20 fee for a duplicate.  You must also present photo identification.  If you are a minor, your parents must sign the DMV application form (DL44).

Address Changes

If you move you must give the DMV your new address within 10 days.  This can be done by completing a Notice of Change of Address form (DMV 14).  You should keep a small paper with your new address with your license.  The post office does not forward DMV correspondence.

Name Changes

If you change your name, you must take your old DL/ID card to a DMV office with acceptable verification of your true name.

License Renewals

If you are renewing your California driver’s license, you must be at least 18 years old.  Regular licenses are issued for a period of five years.  The license expires on your birthday in the year shown on the license.  It is against the law to drive after your license expires.

A driving test may be required as part of any driver license transaction and will be done at the discretion of the DMV.  Qualified drivers may be eligible to renew their license by mail or online.

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