About Us

Larry and Heather

Larry and I welcome you to our website! It is our privilege to help you in any way we possibly can with all of your driver’s education needs! We would like to tell you a little bit about us so you may make a more informed decision about choosing which website to trust, as well as which school best meets your needs for driver’s education and driver’s training.

Larry and I are both parents and grandparents. We understand the serious concern that goes into selecting the proper driving school and the proper timing as when to take that major ‘leap’ in your teenager’s life. We opened our driving school in May of 2003 because we were highly unsatisfied with the quality of the local driving school when we sent our youngest daughter to receive the required training to obtain a California driver’s license. Since that first day, we have had the honor to have trained over 25,000 students! Our main concern is for our students to receive the proper foundational knowledge to draw from when they are out on the road, as well as to successfully pass their permit test with flying colors!

We are aware that our children’s safety is of utmost concern in our lives. We know that the number one cause of death for young people in this country is traffic accidents! Therefore, we place the highest regard for driving safety in our training. In the state of California only 20% of all teens pass their permit test on the first attempt. We are happy to say that Guardian Angel Driving School has over a 95% success rate on the first try! The local DMV’s have commented on how well our students fare on both the permit and the license test!

Our prices have remained highly competitive in our local area. We have seen some local schools offer the same training we provide for more than twice the cost to the customer!

Our website is designed to provide each student with what they will need to successfully pass their permit test. Each chapter has a reading/information portion and a knowledge test at the end. It is an excellent option to the classroom driver’s education class. We offer classroom education as well, for those who opt to have a ‘hands-on’ experience with a teaching staff. This classroom is located in the city of Redlands, CA.

We have a great team of driving instructors and support staff, who share our vision for excellence in all areas of driving instruction. So, whether you are enrolling in our web site for online driver’s ed, looking for a local classroom to attend, or need driver’s training only, we welcome you to our program! Our aim is to be the best driving school in the state and to have our student’s driving experience to be one of excellence, safety and fun!

Happy Driving!

Larry and Heather Baeumel